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LAB was created by Dani Tatarin to sustainably preserve the herbs and fruits grown on the farm at ACRE for use in beverages in their restaurant bar. As a Bartender for almost 20 years, her passion to create unique flavours pushed her to continue to develop the products into something that could be utilized in drinks served around the world. In 2014 while developing the bar program for ACRE, she took a course in distilling hydrosols and purchased a 20L copper pot still. She began to experiment with producing small batch hydrosols and travelled down the coast from Vancouver to Baja California Sur distilling any herb she could get her hands on. While she helped to open ACRE, Dani continued to love her time spent distilling and wanted to focus on developing the distillates she was producing. Encouraged by the owners and guests who tasted her distillations in drinks and sprayed them on their skin, she began to get samples of the distillates off the property and into the hands of Bartenders.  

For Dani the project is not just about drinks it’s about health, she has struggled with alcoholism and the effects of spirits consumption in her career, so creating beautiful non-alcoholic distillates that could be used to create innovative and exciting drinks without alcohol was something she was inspired to create.  

Dani’s dream for LAB is to create beautifully unique distillates that can be used in drinks and for health. The crossover for health is a big focus, to take the history of consuming drinks back to when drinks were not just social lubricants, but medicine. Her recipes focus on herbs that are good for you. BALANCE is a single distillate of Rose Geranium, which is a balancing herb great for soothing the skin and digestive system. It’s a distillate that can just as easily be sprayed on your skin or added to the simplest glass of water as an aperitif or digestif. BŌTANIC HARMONY is a combination of Oregano, Lavender and Rose Geranium into refreshing blend that is herbaceous, floral and soothing. CITRUS BLOOM combines Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena and Kaffir Lime to highlight citrus notes for a bright slightly bitter distillate perfect to add to drinks as a citrus component or to mist on the skin as a refreshing pick me up.

The line of hydrosols is not the end for this creative mind. Dani has big plans for creating uniquely sustainable products, look for them here!

LAS ANIMAS BOTICA is launching shortly in Canada, US, Mexico and UK please email us for product information, pricing and orders:
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