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Designer Cocktail Company focuses on enhancing cocktail culture through innovative products, educational classes and signature drink design. We combine old and new by incorporating new products and flavours into the art of classic mixology.
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Danielle Tatarin

Danielle Tatarin

Danielle Tatarin has a passion for all things cocktail. With over fifteen years experience as a Bartender she has turned her passion into a fulfilling career. At the age of 22 she started a company with her friends to cater to the bar aspect of parties and create extravagant garnishes for custom drinks. As the head of her first company, West Coast Garnish Girls, Danielle won the Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s BC Best Business Award in 2006. After closing the company in 2007 she started Designer Cocktail Company in 2008 to move forward as a Cocktail Consultant. She works with liquor companies, private and corporate groups to create custom cocktails and menus, as well as hosting seminars and classes on cocktail creation and history. You can find some of Danielle’s award winning recipes in print and online from publications such as: Elle Canada, Vancouver Sun, Bar & Beverage Magazine, Food & Wine, Isante, Chilled, Herbal Gram and Taste to name a few. Currently Danielle is Beverage Director & General Manager at The Keefer Bar in Vancouver. She makes syrups, tinctures and bitters in house to incorporate into classic and contemporary mixed drinks offered on and off the menu. She constantly strives to be at the top of her field to bring together the Bartending community in Canada through her endeavour as a founding member and past President of the Canadian Professional Bartenders Association. New projects underway have Dani travelling quite a bit, stay tuned!
Awards & Accolades:
1st place 2014 Mademoiselle Cointreau Competition, Vancouver, BC
2014 Semi-Finalist, Speed Rack Seattle, Seattle, Washington, USA
2009 – 2013 Canadian Professional Bartenders Association, President & Founding Member
2012 Bartender of the Year, Vancouver Magazine, Vancouver, BC
2012 National Post Worthy 30, Vancouver, BC
2012 Tales of the Cocktail Seminar Presenter, TCM Cocktails, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
2012 Top 40 Foodies under 40, Western Living Magazine, Vancouver, BC
1st place 2011 Southern Comfort Society Competition, Vancouver, BC
Winner 2011 The Refinery’s Cocktail Kitchen Japan vs Sake, Vancouver, BC
2nd place 2011 Appleton Jamaican Rum Competition, Vancouver, BC
1st place 2010 Giffard International Cocktail Competition, Angers, France
1st place 2010 Aha Toro Tequila Competition, Vancouver, BC
1st place 2009 Sortilege Cocktail Competition, Vancouver, BC
1st Place 2009 Cabo Wabo Tequila Competition, Vancouver, BC
2nd Place 2009 Giffard Iron Mixology Competition, Vancouver, BC
2nd place 2008 Cabo Wabo Tequila Competition, Vancouver, BC
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